What Our DINCWEAR Dance Customers Think About Our Dancewear!

“I love it [our new Dincwear Pro Trackie] so much!”
Ashley Dean, Star of The Royal Ballet, Instagram 22.11.20.

“Wow I am so in love with the new Dincwear Trackie Top, super warm and cosy, perfect for this time of year. And it just so happens I was already wearing the famous Dincwear Pro Leggings, which I must say are the BEST Leggings out there. I’ve had these ones I’m wearing now for over 2 years and they have not discoloured, gone thin, or lost their quality. They still look and feel brand new!! And that is the same with all Dincwear products!! They are the best of the best!!!”
Mia Linnik-Holden, Under 19 World Ballroom Champion, Instagram 19.11.20.

“Basically have not taken this [our new Dincwear Pro Trackie] off since it arrived. So comfy.”
Ashley Shaw, Star of Sir Matt Bourne’s “The Red Shoes”, Instagram 19.11.20.

“Wow! This [Trackie] set is so comfortable!”
Ashten Rose Burgess, Instagram, 18.11.20.

“Thank you Dincwear for this beautiful and very comfy tracksuit”
Luba Mushtuk, Star of “Strictly”, Instagram 17.11.20.

“This tracksuit is a whole level up of comfortable”
Tamara Claire Castle, Owner of CAW Fitness, Instagram 6.11.20.

“Thank you Dincwear for my joggers. I love them, they are such good quality”
Emma Hipkins, Instagram, 6.11.20.

“Thank you for my AWESOME Trackies! Very elastic & comfy! Perfect!”
Janette Manrara, star of “Strictly”, Instagram, 14.10.20

“Living in these Dincwear Joggers!! Amazing quality and the comfiest things ever!!”
Mia Linnik-Holden, World U/19 Ballroom Champion, Instagram, 12.10.20

“My absolute favourite leggings ever!”
Daniela Fabbricatore, Professional Dancer, Facebook, 1.10.20

“The coolest comfiest tracksuit pants I’ve ever worn!”
Ashley Dean, Star of The Royal Ballet, Instagram, 29.09.20

“I love them [Dincwear Pro Trackies] my favourite item. They are so so comfy”.
Sophie Morrice, Professional Dancer, Facebook, 10.09.20

“Absolutely in love with the Dincwear black leggings”.
Ashley Dean, Star of The Royal Ballet, Instagram, 6.09.20

“Possibly the softest Trackies I’ve ever worn. Thank you Dincwear. Loving them”.
Lolly Campbell, Dancer on “Strictly”, Instagram, 28.08.20

“When one of your favourite brands, Dincwear, comes out with joggers. My new faves!! High quality, super stretchy and most of all sooo comfortable”
Mia Linnik-Holden, World U/19 Ballroom Champion, Instagram, 27.08.20

“Dincwear brand new joggers, best of the best!”
Ellie Fergusson, Winner of BBC1’s “The Greatest Dancer”, Instagram, 25.08.20

“The cosiest joggers for lounging and dancing!”
Lauren Gore, Star of “Thriller” & “Stomp”, Instagram, 5.08.20

“Thanks to Dincwear for these dance pants, which I shall also be wearing to Yoga and practically everywhere else!”
Jess Impiazzi, TV Star, Instagram, 28.07.20

“Thank you Dincwear for the perfect fit Pro Leggings.”
Bethany Kingsley-Garner, Principal Dancer with the Scottish Ballet, Twitter, 20.07.20

“These leggings will be coming on “Six’s” Drive-In Tour with me!”
Collette Guitart, Star of “Six The Musical”, Facebook, 9.07.20

“Yeeeey! Best leggings!!!!”
Nadiya Bychkova, Strictly Star, Instagram, 7.07.20

“The coolest dancewear and feels good too.”
Dollie Henry, Jazz Dance Legend, Facebook, 30.06.20

“My number one leggings!!!”
Jowita Przystal, Winner of BBC 1’s  “The Greatest Dancer”,
Instagram, 27.06.20

“This is an appreciation post for Dincwear because I can honestly say that you won’t find dancewear that’s better quality, value for money or as comfy as this!!  Incredible products tried and tested rigorously by professional dancers before they even make it to market that look and feel amazing.  Plus, the best customer service I have EVER come across, …hands down the best dancewear around.  Go and check out www.dincweardance.com”
Melanie Oldale, 
Facebook, 16.6.20.

“Thought I’d jump in and try these amazing harems with hidden shorts for my Yoga.  Wow!!  You are so right, they are amazing!!  Love them Dincwear sooooo comfortable!!
Katie Clarke, Owner of Funky Studios, Facebook, 22.05.20.

“My shorts from Dincwear arrived today along with the racer back vest too.  Thank you so much, your dancewear is amazing!!  These shorts are unreal!!  A cycling short version of the leggings I wear every day at the Studio (or at my home Studio currently).
Even if you are not a dancer, this clothing is the best, it washes brilliantly and is such fantastic quality!!!  I literally have 3 pairs of the high waisted leggings – wear one, wash one, dry one!!!!.  Ha!  Super thick, NOT see through and the comfiest leggings and now I’ve got shorts the same!  Ready for summer!!!   Whoop  whoop!”
Katie Clarke, Owner of Funky Studios, Facebook, 30.04.20.

“Obsessing over these Dincwear Pro Leggings and shorts!!  Without a doubt the most comfortable and flattering leggings and shorts.”
Natasha Bradshaw, 28.04.20.

“I’m delighted, I absolutely love the shorts and batwing top together, they’re going to be perfect for training in over the summer!”
Louise North, 23.04.20.

“Always with me everywhere, Dincwear”.
Jowita Przystal, Winner of BBC 1’s  “The Greatest Dancer”, Facebook, 10.03.20.

“Thank you for amazing leggings”
Jowita Przystal, Winner of BBC 1’s  “The Greatest Dancer”, Facebook, 09.03.20.

“The best leggings”
Mia Linnik-Holden, World Under 19 Ballroom Champion, Instagram 18.2.20.

“My faves”
Ashley Shaw, Star of Sir Matt Bourne’s “The Red Shoes”, Twitter, 16.02.20.

“I practically live in these leggings!”
Ashley Shaw, Star of Sir Matt Bourne’s “The Red Shoes”, Instagram, 15.02.20.

“My favourite Dincwear Leggings.  So comfortable, great quality, the best!”
Mia Linnik-Holden, World Under 19 Ballroom Champion,

Instagram 12.12.19.

“Comfiest ones I own”
Kira Malou, Star of “Fame – The Musical” ,

Instagram 5.12.19.

“Loving my new Dincwear Pro Harems with hidden shorts!!!  They’re just the coolest sweats EVER!!!
Shannon Lily,

Facebook, 29.11.19.

“I LOVE these Harems so much – they are my new favourite pants to rehearse in!”
Rae Piper, Chantry Dance Company,

Facebook, 14.11.19.


“Quick appreciation post for Dincwear:  Best and comfiest dancewear around.”
Joanne Clifton, World Dance Champion & “Strictly” Winner.  
Instagram, 18.10.19.

“Look at this super cool outfit from the amazing Dincwear!  Always love your stuff, great quality, so comfy!”
Mia Linnik-Holden, Junior World Ballroom Champion,
Instagram, 18.10.19.

“Thank you for my shorts and top!  They both fit perfectly and are so comfortable with a lot of stretch.  Also they came super fast.  Fantastic customer service, I will certainly be recommending!”
Roisin, 4.10.19.

“Thank you for the speedy delivery and amazing products”.
Louise, 25.09.19.

“Love this brand.”
Adrienne Canterna, Star of “Rock the Ballet”,
Instagram, 23.09.19.

“The most comfiest and stylish dancewear!!!!  I live in my Harems, and now a lovely white pair to wear.  Can’t wait to be in the studio”.
Chloe Evans, Facebook, 2.09.19.

“Thanks so much.  I love them!”
Crystal Leah, Star of “We Will Rock You”,
Instagram, 5.08.19.

My leggings arrived today (super fast delivery) and they fit like a dream.  I will be testing them out at Yoga tomorrow ready to be back in the studio come the new term.  I love the fact that they are long too, being tall and always struggling with length, this was another great surprise”.
Emma, 30.07.19.


“Gym Time! (who am I?!) Wearing my favourite Dincwear!”
Jo  Clifton, Winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2016, Instagram, 2.7.19.

“Thank you Dincwear for my new favourite Yoga leggings!”
Lila Adele Anderson, Star of “The Lion King”, Instagram, 26.06.19.

“Just about to go and adjudicate for Adele Clark #Dancecaper loving my Dincwear – Super flattering and oh so soft.”
Shannon Lilly, Star of “Bitter Harvest”, Instagram, 15.06.19.

“Today I’ll be wearing the [Dincwear] leggings, super comfy and super high-waisted.”
Jaye Noel, Star of “Six The Musical”, Instagram, 8.06.19.

“Thank you for having me model some of your Dancewear, your leggings are the best I’ve had.”
Ellie Fergusson, Winner of BBC 1’s “The Greatest Dancer”, Instagram, 22.05.19.

“Love them”!
Ellie Fergusson, Winner of BBC 1’s “The Greatest Dancer”, Twitter, 12.4.19.

“Anyone looking for soft comfy dancewear, I highly recommend the leggings and harems”.
Danielle Cato, Professional Dancer, Facebook, 7.4.19.

“Thank you for my Pro leggings”!  They feel amazing on and fit like a glove, would highly recommend to all dancers”.
Sinead Kenny, Dancer in “Rock of Ages”, Facebook, 15.3.19.

“Thank you Dincwear for my gorgeous dancewear!!!  I’m totally in love with them!”
Shannon Lilly, “Bitter Harvest”, Facebook, 4.3.19.

“This is not a paid post.  This is just genuine love for these leggings…ladies if you’re wanting some great thick leggings for training, rehearsals, school run, these are awesome.  The elastic in these are brill!  I struggle with leggings with being curvy, so cheap ones never suit me, I always have to pay that little bit extra, but these are fab!”
Zoe Birkett, Star of “Rock of Ages”, Instagram, 1.3.19.

“When I first heard “Move Like Jagger”, I loved it as a track, but I didn’t think it could be a tap piece.  As you can see, Dougie Mills totally nailed the choreography, and made me look like a commercial dancer again.  Look at me being all young and street.  I still wear these Dincwear pants”.
Adam Garcia, Facebook, 28.2.19.

“Best leggings ever”.  
Kate, 28.2.19.

“Dincwear mode again today…nothing better than dancing through your week with the best dance wear!”
Leonie Sian, Pro Dancer, Facebook, 20.2.19.

“Love wearing them.  They are so comfortable”.
Marcella Solimeo, winner of “Dancing With The Stars” S.A, 2018.

“You know how much I love my leggings.  They’re the best”.
Jo Scanlan, World Champion Tap Choreographer, Facebook, 27.01.19.

“Love these leggings!  Dincwear always!”
Amelia Rose Fielding, Pro Dancer, Instagram, 17.01.19.

“My new leggings turned up last week.  As if they weren’t already amazing, they’re even more softer and amazing!”
JoJo Chapman-Cohen, Facebook, 7.01.19.

“Thank you  Dincwear!  First time wearing their stuff and the quality is unreal”.
Jazz Chandler, Pro Dancer, Instagram, 21.12.18.

“Feeling absolutely amazing wearing my Dincwear black pro leggings, leotard and vest!  I have so much love for Dincwear, they create top quality, beautiful dancewear that you can mix and match and wear them everywhere and feel absolutely amazing…This is a TOP Company for all dancers.”
Poppy O’Sullivan, Facebook, 11.12.18.

“Love warming up in my Dincwear pro black leggings”.
Bethany Garner, Principal Dancer with Scottish Ballet, Twitter, 9.12.18.

“I just received my Dincwear leggings!  I’m not really a leggings person BUT these are the comfiest pair I have ever bought!!!  I would definitely recommend them!.
Megan Ewans, Facebook, 7.12.18.

“Love this rehearsal wear.”
Lauren Oakley, Star of “Burn the Floor”, Facebook, 2.12.18.

“Loving my new Dincwear pro leggings.  Seriously the most comfy leggings ever!”
Adrienne Canterna, Star of the “Bad Boys Of Ballet”, Facebook, 30.11.18.

“I love them.  Such an amazing quality and the fit is insane.  Thank you so much!”
Mia Linik-Holden, Junior Ballroom Champion, Facebook, 26.11.18.

“Wearing my 7/8 Black Leggings from Dincwear, the most comfortable leggings I’ve worn and danced in and the high waist design keeps them up and in place.  Very good quality.
Sophia McKenzie, Instagram, 26.11.18.

“Am off to teach wearing my 7/8 Dincwear Leggings out of their new range.  Wowsers.  I thought I lived in my Harems….I only got these Thursday and I’ve worn them every day so far!  So comfy, with a high super soft waistband, I could sleep in them.  Dancers or non-dancers, their clothing is just perfect to dance in or days you want comfort!”
Chloe Evans, Chloe’s Bows, Facebook, 26.11.18.

“Honestly this is by far the most flattering leotard ever!  I don’t tend to wear leotards much anymore but this is going to change because it is amazing and super comfortable.  I also live in the Dincwear leggings too – this professional dancewear is the best!”
Katie Clarke, Owner of “Funky Studios”, Facebook, 24.11.18.

“Can’t beat these amazing leggings”.
Dancers Box, Instagram, 24.11.18.

“These items feel so nice….the piece de la resistance is the lovely leotard with the mesh on the hips.  Oh my God, I am in love with these products!”
Lolly Campbell, “Strictly” Pro Dancer, Instagram, 24.11.18.


“These tights [7/8 Pro Leggings] are the BEST you can buy!  So comfortable, flattering and durable”.
Ashley Shaw, Star of Sir Matt Bourne’s “Cinderella” & “The Red Shoes”
Instagram, 13.11.18.

“Love them!!!  Thanks again.”
Anjula Kelly, Pro Dancer with JLo & Paula Abdul,
Facebook, 12.10.18.

“Thank you so much for your incredible customer service and the Pro Leggings are most definitely the best of the best.  I would highly recommend them to everyone”.
Sue Whitmore, Facebook, 5.10.18.

“The only trousers I dance in.  I’m convinced they make you dance 10,000 times better.  Love Dincwear”.
Chloe Evans, Facebook, 3.10.18.

“Rehearsing in my amazing Dincwear leggings today!!  They are my FAVE to dance in!!”
Emily Kenwright,  Pro Dancer with “Flashdance” & “Jamie the Musical”.
Twitter, 20.9.18.

“Love the leggings – thank you”.
Christina Andrea, Facebook,  11.09.118

“It’s the actual tour official “What A Feeling” outfit now!!!”
Joanne Clifton, “Strictly”  winner and Star of “Flashdance”, talking about our new Dincwear Pro  Shorts  With Mesh,

Twitter, 30.6.18.


“This is genuinely how happy I was when I got my new Dincwear Pro Shorts!  They are sooo comfy!!!
Kirsty Selby, Facebook, 3.7.18.

“The BEST Dancewear”.
Kallyanne Brown, Star of “Burn the Floor”,Facebook, 28.6.18.

“Love them”.
Victoria Martin, Star of “Burn the Floor”,Facebook, 7.6.18.

“I just wanted one Wrap Top, thank you so much – I received it yesterday and I love it!!!”
Jennie, 6.6.18.

“I love my new gear so much.  So comfortable and stylish”.
Lauren Oakley, Star of “Burn the Floor”, Facebook, 25.5.18.

“It’s so comfy!!!”
Danielle Cato, Dancer with “42nd Street”, Facebook, 16.5.18.

“Big thank you to Dincwear for my new Crop Top Hoody and my favourite leggings.”
Cassie Compton, Singer/Actress, Facebook, 23.4.18.

“Love love love your dance wear!  Thanks so much for dressing us.”
Christina Andrea, Pro Dancer/Choreographer with Anastacia on Tour, Facebook, 21.4.18.

“You also happen to have the best dance wear in the business.”
Jane Byrne, Owner of Studio Dancewear, Facebook, 17.4.18.

“In love with these [Pro Black Leggings], so comfortable.”
Shauna Finn, Star of “DWTS” Ireland, Facebook, 16.4.18.

“Dancers check out their clothes line – super comfortable and sleek enough to wear every day!  I have a lot of love for this Company – love their clothes and love the people who own this Brand.  They love dancers and what we do!”
Freckles Ogbu, Pro  Dancer, Instagram, 15.4.18.

“The leggings are so amazing.  I never want to wear anything else”.
Leonie, Facebook, 12.4.18.

They fit!  Absolutely beautiful!  Can’t wait to wear in show this week!  Thanks again and for superfast delivery!”
Chloe Evans, Twitter, 26.03.18.


“Thanks Dincwear, I love it [the new crop hoody] so much!”
Dianne Buswell, Pro Dancer with Strictly Come Dancing, Facebook, 17.3.18.

“My order has arrived and I love it!  Thank you so much”
Libby, 7.3.18.

“Love that we sell this amazing brand in our stores.  You won’t  find a better pair of leggings”
Dancers Box, Twitter, 5.3.18.

“I’m wearing your leggings today!!!  They’re keeping me super warm whilst in the cold and teaching!!!!  Love them so much”
Leila Stewart, Pro Dancer with Strictly Come Dancing SA, Facebook, 2.3.18.

“Amazing quality dancewear”
Jenny Finney, Pro  Dancer, Facebook, 16.2.18.

“Love them”
Amy Dowden, Pro Dancer with Strictly Come Dancing, Instagram, 13.2.18.

“Absolutely in love with this cropped hoody by Dincwear.  Thank you so much, and also to go along with it, my favourite leggings.  Best quality”.
Mia Linnik-Holden, World Under 16 Ballroom Champion, Facebook, 8.2.18.

“It really is so comfortable and I love the fabric, plus they are so breathable for workouts which I am loving.  I stay fresh in them!”
Tamara, 6.2.18.

“Love  your Dincwear clothing.  I’ve lived in my leggings since the op.  So comfortable!”
Katie Funk Clarke, Pro Dancer, Facebook, 3.2.18.

“Love it!!!! Amazing!!!!”
Adiarys Almeida, Principal Ballerina, Facebook, 1.2.18.

“It’s such great quality”
Gareth Chown, Principal of Addict Dance Academy, Facebook, 1.2.18.

“Best leggings ever”
Darkstar Dance, Facebook, 1.2.18.

“Your clothing items are so good that it’s worth the wait”
Alex, 26.1.18.

“Yesss, Dincwear leggings arrived…. Sooo comfy”
Annelies Howard, Pro Dancer, Twitter, 25.1.18.

“Wearing the most amazing fitting gym top I’ve ever owned by Dincwear – OMG fitted like a dream”
Georgia Simmons, IFBB Pro, Instagram, 23.1.18.

“I’ll be wearing your  comfy pants for rehearsals”
Ash-Leigh Bree Hunter, Pro Dancer with Strictly Come Dancing, SA, Facebook, 23.1.18.

“Thank you, I’m wearing my reversible snood!  It’s my favourite piece”
Danielle Knaack, Facebook, 17.1.18.

“Wow  what a quick delivery!  Thank you so much for my leggings.  They are very comfortable and fit perfectly and I knew I would love the harem trousers”
Emma Twist, Dance Off, 16.1.18.


“The best dance wear ever!”
Giulia Dotta, Pro Dancer with DWTS Ireland, Twitter, 30.12.17


“Sending Christmas wishes to everyone at Dincwear and thank  you for providing us with the most luscious and softest of fabrics to move in”.
Tamara Castle, CAW Fitness, Facebook, 9.12.17.

“The hoody arrived today and it fits perfectly!!  Thank you for the advice and Happy Holidays”
Matthew, 9.12.17.

“Work today in my Dincwear leggings of course.  THE BEST!!”
Amelia Rose Fielding,  Star of “Flashdance”, Twitter, 25.11.17.

“Today is a comfy harems from Dincwear day.”
Keisha Atwell, Star of “Annie”, Twitter, 20.11.17.

“Teaching today in my Dincwear leggings – the comfiest things I’ve ever danced in!”
Amelia Rose Fielding,  Star of “Flashdance”, Twitter, 12.11.17.

“Loving my new order from Dincwear”.
Katie, Funky Studios, Twitter, 10.11.17.

“I’ve got my Dincwear leggings on.  They are fabulous, silky, stretchy, and I love the high waist.  For a mum of two who has just returned to ballet class with 13 year old girls and still have 3 stone to lose, the high waist pulls me in and tucks everything away!  They are a godsend.  I’ve got a feeling I’ll be living in these leggings!”
Clare, 3.11.17.

“Pics of our students in their beautiful Dincwear leotards”.
Tiffany College, Twitter, 25.10.17.

“I got them this morning.  I love them all and danced in two of them.  Thanks again.”
Claire, 14.10.17.

“You have provided me with the most amazing leotards that wash, dry, and stay on the body like a beautiful designer dress!  
Your  leggings, trousers, vests – have not lost colour or strength of fabric.
You go above and beyond for your clients and I have had deliveries from your company before the milk was delivered.
You have actually spent time and money researching what dancers need and supply it.”
Rozie T Dance Academy, 5.10.17.

“I love these and I’m not a dancer.  The fit is perfect – best ever … ever.  I’m on my feet a lot and these leggings are so supportive.”
Pennie, 1.10.17.

“My leggings arrived today almost before I bought them!  I’m wearing them and can say honestly that I won’t be buying any others from now on…only Dincwear.”
Pennie, 27.9.17.

“I adore this bodysuit”.
Adrienne Canterna, Star of the “Bad Boys of Ballet”, Facebook, 25.9.17.

“Good luck to everyone starting college.  Why not treat yourself to a pair of Dincwear harems with shorts – the most comfortable pants ever!”
Dancers Box, Twitter, 4.9.17


“I’m wearing your pants!!!…they’re my faves.  I have worn them out”
Dianne Buswell, Pro dancer with “Strictly”, Facebook, 12.9.17.

“I’m actually wearing them right now in college!  My favourite bottoms”
Shauna Finn, Pro dancer with DWTS, Ireland,  Facebook, 11.9.17.

“I just wanted to say that the pants arrived and are absolutely the best thing!  I have been looking for ages and ages for a style that fits and is practical – they are simply the best, perfect for stretching and smart enough whether I am teaching Pilates sessions or coaching gymnastics”
Sharon, 30.8.17

“I got stopped by a couple of international street dancers this weekend asking where my hidden shorts/harems were from!”
Natasha Peirce, Facebook, 28.08.17.

“Just now managed to collect amazing  Dincwear parcel, OMG this T-shirt made my day!”
Viktoriya, 20.8.17.

“I love all Dincwear and leggings are best of all brands!  Was wearing them all the time, everywhere, and the quality is just amazing.  Can’t wait to have new ones.”
Viktoriya, 15.08.17.

“What a great company!  No wonder Miss Dorothy is so keen!”
Sharon, 11.08.17.

“I love the T-shirt and I cannot wait to show off my new dance outfit.  Thank you!  You are amazing!”
Jo, 8.8.17.

“Love those leg warmers”
Bethany Garner, Principal Dancer with the Scottish Ballet, Twitter, 16.7.17.

“I love it too, couldn’t get more comfortable dance wear!!”
Shauna Finn, Pro Dancer with DWTS Ireland, Facebook, 13.07.17.

“Thank you.  I have a super happy daughter”.
Amanda, 11.07.17.

“My fav pair of leggings”
Dianne Buswell, New ‘Strictly’ Pro Dancer, Twitter, 3.7.17.

“Fabulous workshop with Strictly’s Alijaz and Jeanette this avo in THE comfiest dancewear EVER!!  Love love love!  Thank you Dincwear!”
Lorna Emery, Facebook, 1.7.17.

“Time to take my new dance wear for a spin.  Thanks Dincwear, both the Pants and Batwing Top are incredibly comfortable”.
Sarah Edmonson, Facebook, 13.6.17.

“Absolutely love them all.  Thank you!!!”
Sam Warner, 12.6.17.

“I LOVE DINCWEAR!!  I got the leggings nearly a year ago and have got sooo much wear out of them.  They fit very well and don’t slide down.”
Jade Tracey, Facebook, 9.6.17.

“Thank you for the quick turnaround”
Gem, 8.6.17.

“I’m sure people will be asking where I found such cool gear.  I’ll be sure to tell them!”
Gretchen, 19.05.17.

“Got pants this morning!  They are excellent.  Thanks.”
Debbie, 21.04.17.


“Loving my new Dincwear leggings”.
Jo Scanlan, World Champion Tap Choreographer, Twitter, 8/4/17.

“I’m speechless and people who know me will say that that doesn’t happen very often.  That is so kind of you and I’ve just told Maddy and she is so grateful, she was over the moon.
Sarah, 04/4/17.

“Your email just confirms all I feel about your company!  Super products and very kind, helpful people, thank you so much for your help.”
Sarah, 03/4/17

“The bodysuits are great, thank you again”
The Addict Dance Academy, Twitter, 2/4/17

“Awesome company, awesome clothes”
Giovanni Pernice Tour 2017, Twitter, 1/4/17.

“Thanks for making such awesome dancewear”
Ashley Shaw, Star of Sir Matt Bourne’s “The Red Shoes”, Twitter, 30/3/17.

“We love Dincwear”
Leicester College of Performing Arts, Twitter, 27/3/17.

“I was searching for something nice to wear for Yoga AND dance (Tribal Style Belly Dance, in my case), and then a dancer I know wore the harem pants with hidden shorts to class.  I found them pretty cool, as they are a comfortable version of the style of pants that is very popular for tribal performances at the moment (harem pants with a cut out on each hip).”
Lisa, 24/3/17.

“At Dancers Box we agree that these Dincwear black leggings are the best on the market”.
Dancers Box, Twitter, 19/3/17.

“Love it and so comfy as well”.
Luba Mushtuk, Pro dancer on Strictly Come Dancing, Twitter, 7/3/17.

“Probably the comfiest to dance in AND I use it for every day wear too!
Joanne Clifton, Pro dancer, Strictly Come Dancing, Winner 2016, Twitter 3/3/17.

“Great judging with famous ballerina Adiarys Almeida, both comfortable in our Dincwear”.
Nicolette Whitley, Pro Dancer, Instagram, 28/2/17.

“We love wearing Dincwear and feeling and looking gorgeous”.
Dollie Henry, BOP, Twitter, 28/2/17.

“Dincwear – can’t beat ‘em”.
Dayle Cronin, Singer with “Hometown”, Twitter, 26/2/17.

“The vest top is amazing and we are very impressed with the quality and make, it washes beautifully!”
Sarah, 23/2/17.

“You will NOT get a better brand of dancewear!  Dincwear is it!!!  All the beautiful ladies of Dancing with the Stars, Ireland, wear it when rehearsing, that in itself says it all.”
Jane Byrne, owner of Studio Dancewear, Twitter, 21/2/17.

“The comfiest thing to chill out in.  Thanks for this jumpsuit!”
Emily Barker, Pro dancer, DWTS Ireland, Instagram 17/2/17.

“Absolutely in love with everything!  Thank you so much!  It’s arrived today and I’m already wearing the sleeveless hoodie.”
Millie, 13/2/17

“Thank you, Jane, I’m loving them (the black leggings and racer back top) so much!!”
Shauna Finn, Pro Dancer on DWTS Ireland, Facebook, 28/1/17.

“Thank you for these gorge trousers!  So great to wear to rehearsals or even relaxing!  I am obsessed with them”.
Emily Barker, Pro Dancer on DWTS Ireland, Instagram 26/1/17

“Thank you very much for your answer and the great job you do with designing such beautiful clothes.”
Nathalie, 19/1/2017

“The top came this morning and looks fab!  Can’t wait to see her face.  I’m sure I’ll be ordering again”.  
Sarah, 19/01/2017

“My daughter loves Joanne Clifton and you put a picture of her training in the vest top I’ve ordered for her on your page.  She’ll love the fact that they are wearing the exact same top.”
Sarah, 18/1/2017

“Thank you so much for my gorgeous split sleeve white bodysuit.  I love it”!!!!
Adiarys Almeida, Principal Ballerina, Instagram, 14/1/17.

“Best Dancewear Ever!  Love these guys!”
Bronia Pearce, Pro Dancer with Dirty Dancing, Twitter, 11/1/17.

“These leggings are amazing!  I wear them all the time.”
Diane Buswell, Pro Dancer with “Burn The Floor”, Facebook, 21/12/16.

“Wore my new Dincwear leggings to my barre class today.  Loved them!  Thank you xxx!”
Jill Halfpenny,  ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ winner, 2004, Twitter, 20/12/16.

“Hoodies always have small hoods that make you look like a turtle or fall down all the time, so it’s good to find a Hoodie with a larger hood”.
Kirsten, 16/12/16

“Thank you for letting me know about my order.  I heard about you on ‘twitter’ and I also ordered the Harem trousers last Christmas which are fantastic.”
Sally, 13/12/16.

“This is a great Hoodie!  Cosy and stylish.  My daughter keeps pinching mine so I’m buying her one for herself!”
Carol, 6/12/16.

“We are just loving training in our Dincwear, it is great, so comfortable and getting so many compliments.  These are not just any leggings, they are Dincwear leggings and WOW what a difference that makes.”
Chantel Green, Professional dancer, Facebook 2/12/16.

“Not forgetting those very sexy flesh top stockings, I just can’t get enough of them in all the colours”.
Darkstar Dance, Pro Dancer, Facebook, 1/12/16.

“Thanks for making such great dancewear”.
Ashley Shaw, Star of  Sir Matt Bourne’s “The Red Shoes”, Twitter, 22/11/16.

“I absolutely love your dancewear.  It’s so cool and comfy”.
Adiarys Almeida, Principal Ballerina, Facebook, 11/11/16.


“My order just came in!!  I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS!!  The fabric and quality design is amazing!!!  I’m 5’11” and this fit me perfectly!  I will absolutely be recommending you to my son’s dance studio and can’t wait to wear my new jumpsuit out to show it off!!!  Thank you so much for such a quality product!”

Amanda, 31/10/16


“Thank you for completed order, just got home from work to find it here, thanks again for excellent service”

Dee, 29/10/16


“I was completely in love with your item!   I am happy when I receive my order and can use it for my pole dancing class”

Mirjam, 29/10/16


“All of the items look and feel amazing!!  I love the leggings too, I see them becoming a staple!

Jacqueline, 26/10/16


“Looks like Dincwear is rocking it out just now – love all the new stuff.  Thanks again for the friendly service and totally amazing dance gear”

Sue, 11/10/16


“Thank you for the prompt postage of the item.  I just received it and I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I found you on the internet searching under ‘funky harem sweatpants’.

Nadia, 10/10/16


“OMG No Way!!!  You created the best leotard alive!”

Paris, 3/10/16


“Amazing dance leggings, they’re stretchy, comfy and NON-SEE THROUGH…I love them!”

Erin Bell, Pro Dancer in “27”, Instagram, 23/9/16


“I literally cannot begin to explain how good quality and comfortable the black leggings are, and haven’t gone see-through or got holes, like most would, and I wear them loads.”

Kim Collins, Pro Dancer, Instagram, 22/9/16


“Those leggings though!  Dincwear is just so flattering!  You nailed it”

Tamara Castle, Owner of CAW Fitness, Facebook, 15/9/16


“Love my leotard from Dincwear”

Nicollette Whitely, Pro Dancer, Instagram, 12/9/16


“Thank you so much…loving the hoodie and leggings so much!”

Jenny Hayes, Pro Dancer with Richard Alston Dance Company, Facebook, 10/9/16


“I received the pants today and am very pleased with the service and the quality.  Where can I leave a feedback?”

Tiziana, 5/9/16


“Thanks Dincwear for this amazing mesh crop top!!!  LOVE IT!”

Chantal Green, Pro Dancer, Facebook, 4/9/16


“My favourite pair of leggings I’ve ever owned!”
Leila Stewart, “Strictly” Pro Dancer, SA, 22.8.16

“[Dincwear Black Leggings are] the best of the best”
Mara Rons, Pro Dancer, Facebook, 22.8.16.

“When the hospital tells you to wear your comfiest clothes for the op.  Dincwear it is”
Nicolle Hope, Twitter, 19.8.16.  

“Thank you Dincwear.  Always providing me with the best dancewear!”
Devon Young, Pro Dancer, Twitter, 19.8.16.

“Dincwear – the best leggings I’ve ever owned”
Sophie Morrice, Pro Dancer, Twitter, 11.8.16.

“Gutted I can’t find my Dincwear leggings anywhere!”
Katie Moore, Pro Dancer, Twitter, 10.8.16.

“Ready for warm up in my fave harems and cap.  Big thanks to Dincwear for these!  I love them #BestDanceWear”.
Bronia Pearce, Pro Dancer, Instagram 3.8.16.

“Rehearsals late last night!  Loving life.  Dincwear leggings are also still my fave!”
Sophie Morrice, Pro Dancer, Twitter, 2.8.16.

“So aside from the amazing dancewear, the personal touch is what make Dincwear such a brilliant bunch”
Sue Timpson, Twitter, 27.7.16.

“Dincwear, the best professional clothing around”
Mary Donlan, Facebook, 20.7.16

“Love you guys”
Keisha Atwell, Pro Dancer in ‘Legally Blonde’, Twitter, 17.7.16.

“I love wearing your dancewear”.
Bethany Garner, Principal Ballerina, Scottish Ballet, Twitter, 16.7.16.

“So its tech week and our Premiere Friday!  Loved wearing my Dincwear leggings during rehearsals #best leggings ever”
Bronia Pearce, Professional Dancer (currently starring in “Dirty Dancing”) Twitter, 4.7.16

“I own a Dance Centre.  I searched for a product on line and you popped up and it looked like good quality so I ordered from you and because it was such good quality, I have just ordered again”
Beki, 24.6.16.

“Wow, are they comfy though!  Great product!”
Jo, 22.6.16.

“They arrived today and are, as expected, brilliant.”
Debbie, 21.6.16

“I was looking for harem pants and the grey ones came up on the google page of the internet”.
Jo-Anne, 21.6.16.

“I have seen the quality of your clothing and have experienced great customer service too.  No wonder your reviews are so great.”
Debbie, 20.6.16

“I have to say I’m blown away by your products, as you know Tamara and the CAW Fitness girls have been raving about them for a while and I am possibly the last CAW Instructor to get on board but as soon as I received my black set of shorts and crop I had to order more!”
Lauren, 16.6.16.

“Looking forward to wearing my new outfit”.
Bea, 12.6.16.

“I received them yesterday.  Thank you for the quick postage!…When I went to “Move It” this year, I saw a girl in some bottoms and she said they were from Dincwear!”
Chanelle, 9.6.16.

“They [harems with hidden shorts] arrived this morning and I’ve already worn them for class, so comfy, I love them, thank you so much!”
Frankie, 6.6.16.

“In love with your gym wear that I’ll be rocking in the gym on board….can’t beat these leggings”
Leila Stewart, Professional dancer, (on a “Strictly” Cruise), Facebook,  5.6.16.

“Will wear these [harems with hidden shorts] with pride.  My son is part of Stereoshok Crew”.
Sarah, 3.6.16.

“Thanks for your speedy processing”
Kaye, 1.6.16.

“A big shout-out to the Company with the best customer service going!
Dominic, LCPA, Twitter, 29.5.16

“I’m living in your Dincwear leggings for dancing at the moment”
Alex Gale, Facebook, 27.5.16.

“Thank you so much for my new high waisted shorts.  They are such amazing quality and make me feel a million dollars.  I have not had any other shorts as good as this before !  Mummy tummy is no more! Amazing quality and awesome customer service!!  Can’t wait to train in them!!”
Karla McCarthy, Facebook, 26.5.16

“Thank you sooooo much…love Dincwear clothing”
Maria, 26.5.16

“My favourite body suit”
Adrienne Canterna, Professional Dancer, (Star of Bad Boys of Ballet), Facebook, 19.5.16.

“Thank you Dincwear, couldn’t be happier with my stuff.  Wearing them tomorrow”.
Emily Kenwright, Professional Dancer, Twitter, 19.5.16.

“I’m a ‘hoopdancer’ and I’ve been looking at getting some new clothes for a while.  I knew I wanted some harem style pants, but couldn’t find any that had a more athletic look to them rather than being just chill pants…They  [harems with hidden shorts] arrived today, fit perfectly.  Thank you so much.  Sure I’ll be buying some more soon.
Robert, 18.5.16.

“I’ve received the item today, so thank you so much!  I heard about Dincwear from a friend!  She wore the pants at one of our dance rehearsals and a few of us loved it and decided to get it.  It’s fast becoming uniform for our troup!”
Jenny, 17.5.16

“I love you and your trousers”.
Jeremy Vine, Strictly Dance Superstar {and BBC Journalist}.  Twitter, 17.5.16.

“Love my Dincwear”
Adiarys Almeida, Principal Ballerina, Facebook, 17.5.16.


“Thank you! All ‘Dinc’d up!!!” Top arrived super fast”
Emma Lee Hawkins, Facebook, 6-5-16.

“I have quite a few items … they wash really well and are super comfortable when I’m teaching”
Christa Collard, Facebook, 4-5-16.

“Amazing.  Thank you”.
Amy, 3-5-16.

“I got the trousers for my friend as she loved mine so much!”
Abby, 30-4-16.

“Thanks Dincwear for the best dancewear out there”
Yasmin Dan, Professional dancer, Instagram, 23-4-16.

“Best customer service I have ever known!!”
Daniella, 22-4-16.

“I have to say “Thank you”
Jasmin, 13-4-16.

“I have received them [the Harems with hidden shorts] and I love them.  Can’t wait to wear them next year at vocational training!”
Chloe, 9-4-16.

“I’m wearing Dincwear EVERY day and am sooooo happy with it.  The items are sooooo comfortable and cosy…sooooo happy!”
Verena, 9-4-16.

“OMG [my daughter] LOVES  LOVES  LOVES her new audition wear!!!”
Frances, 5-4-16.

“I was trying to find a pair of shorts I saw my friend wear for dance”
Chloe, 4-4-16.

“Dincwear you recognize my top in my video today?!”
Karen Clifton, Star of “Strictly Come Dancing”, Twitter, 30-3-16.

“I just love my leggings and racer back top, so comfy to wear working out.  Love the length of the top, no constant pulling it down!  Same with the leggings, the best I’ve come across in my almost 40 years of dancing!!!”
Jane Byrne, Studio Dance Wear, Facebook, 23-3-16.

“[We] are incredibly grateful for your impeccable service, particularly as the order was a “last minute” requirement for the Dance Show next week.”
David, 22-03-16.

“I live in that leotard.”  
Adrienne Canterna, star of “Bad Boys of Ballet”, Facebook, 22-3-16.

“PARTY TIME!!! Everything arrived!  I’m the happiest person on earth today….Thank you VERY MUCH!!”
Verena, 21-3-16.

“I saw the [racer back] top on a colleague and asked her where she got it from.  Thanks a lot.”
Nadine, 19-3-16.


“Rocking my new Dincwear leotard and tights for class this morning!  Thank you so much Dincwear – I love them!”
Ashley Shaw, starring in Matt Bourne”s “Sleeping Beauty”.  Twitter 16-3-16.

“That”s lovely of you, thank you very much!”  
Sabrina, 16-3-16

“Just received a package from Dincwear – thank you”
Stephanie Lindt, Pro dancer, Facebook, 11-3-16.

“Thanks for the prompt service.  I heard about Dincwear from Sarah Scott, Charlotte Robinson and Bendy Kate as they all mentioned the brand on their Instagram account”.  
Sue, 10-3-16

“Never have I appreciated leggings as much as these…they are literally the perfect leggings”.
Tamara, Facebook, 10-3-16.

“Amazing, thank you so much.  It arrived this morning.  Thank you again for outstanding customer service”.
Amy, 7-3-16

“Thank you…my daughter loved all your clothes.  Many thanks”.
Jan, 4-3-16

“Sooooooooo  happy with them!!!  They are incredibly comfortable and look so great.  I am really very, very, happy with them!  Thank you!”
Verena, 4-3-16

“Loving my new pants, so comfy”
Jenny Finney, Pro dancer, Facebook, 2-3-16

“I love working out and dancing in my Dincwear”.
Elena Gavriel, Pro dancer, Facebook, 1-3-16.

“Love my Dincwear top!  Amazing quality as always!”
Jordan Cather, Pro dancer, Facebook, 29-2-16.

“Wearing my Dincwear muscletop – love it!”
Chris Trenfield, Pro dancer, starring in Matt Bourne”s “Sleeping Beauty”, Twitter, 17-2-16

“Most luxurious dancewear I have ever owned, absolutely love it and would recommend to anyone.
Especially the high-waisted leggings”.
Paris, Facebook, 15-2-16.

“I have a pair of these trousers [harems with shorts] and I love them.  I run a fitness and dance studio.”
Jo, 8-2-16.

“I am reordering some more of these pants because I love them so so much… I wear them for dance all the time and everybody always compliments-asks me about them.”
Megan, 8-2-16.

“A lot of professional dancers I”ve followed for years have mentioned and advertised  the clothing…however, now that I am in London and doing auditions, etc, it was an appropriate time to purchase a couple of items!”
Rachel, 4-2-16.

“I have many pole friends on Facebook and some always post the brand of their clothes on videos or pics!”
Cecile, 31-1-16.

“I can actually say they are the best leggings I have ever had….crazy  love these”.
Freckles Ogbu, Pro dancer, Facebook, 30-1-16.

“Thanks Dincwear for the scarf-jacket combo!  It”s super fun to dance with!”
Brittany Cherry, Pro dancer who starred in Ed Sheeran”s video “Thinking out Loud”, Twitter, 26-1-16.

“It”s amazing!  [The Dincwear hoodie] fits perfectly.  I couldn”t be happier with it.  I mean that – it”s perfect.  Thank you very much!  I can”t believe how great it is.  So awesome.”
James, 20-1-16.

“Loving my super fitting, ultra comfy and very flattering Dincwear leggings”
Dollie Henry, Pro dancer, Twitter, 16-1-16.

“Loving the kit Dincwear”.
Pandora, DJ on Capital Radio, Twitter, 9-1-16.

“[My daughter] loved the clothes so much I thought I would buy  her something from Dincwear for her birthday.”
Danielle, 8-1-16.

“I love the black leggings and hope to be ordering more pairs in the future.  Thanks.”
Ashley, 7-1-16.

“I love them, great for dancing, comfy to wear”.
Chloe Greenwood, from “Dance Mums”, Twitter, 6-1-16.

“Thanks for sending it out so quickly.  I have ordered  once before from you and heard it from my dance teacher a while ago.  Many thanks.”
Lizzie, 4-1-16.

“Thank you Dincwear for my clothes, I love them.  Great for dance and comfy to wear”
Chloe Greenwood, (“Dance Mums”) Twitter 6.1.16.

“I heard about [Dincwear] from a friend who told me I would fall in love with the leggings, I also saw Karen Clifton wearing them as well”.
Helena, 2.1.16.

“Thank you for my incredible new practice wear!  So comfortable and stylish I love them”.
Leila Stewart, Professional Dancer, Twitter, 2.1.16.

“I came across Dincwear on the internet and bought the Harem pants with built-in shorts.  They are amazing and I wear them for all my dance teaching.  I have just ordered my second pair.  My students love them too!!”
Lynsey, 31.12.15.

“Have bought several items….and have recommended friends”.
Tara, 30.12.15.

“I did a google search for quality dance wear, yours looks like the best to me!”
Anna, 30.12.15.

“My mum told me about [Dincwear] after searching the internet for dancewear for me”.
Ashley, 29.12.15.

“I am a dancer…a few of my friends also have clothes from your brand”.
Angel, 29.12.15.

“I was looking for a sweatshirt with a large hood and Dincwear came up!”
James, 29.12.15.

“Best leggings ever!”
Bronia Gosling, Professional dancer, Twitter, 28.12.15.

“I live in Dincwear black leggings”.
Adrienne Canterna, Professional dancer, Twitter, 23.12.15.

“My daughter is a student at LCPA and thank you”.
Geraldine, 22.12.15.

“Thank you so much for your prompt service, do have a Happy Christmas.”
Kate, 22.12.15

“I heard about Dincwear from a fellow amateur dancer at the dance school I attend.  They recommend you as I like dance clothing that is a bit more modern than some of the clothing that is sold in our local dance shops”.
Louise, 22.12.15.

“Thought the products looked really good”.
Jenna, 17.12.15

“Found it on Amazon, looking for a gift for my grandson.  Many  thanks”.
Angela, 16.12.15.

“Loving my Dincwear dance leggings and vest top”.
Dollie Henry, Professional dancer, Twitter, 15.12.15.

“Teaching in a Dincwear outfit…the clothing is amazing”.
Adiarys  Almeida, Professional Dancer, Facebook, 14.12.15.

“Searching for a Hoody with an oversized hood.  That it had thumbholes was a bonus!”
Christopher, 11.12.15.

“They [the harems with hidden shorts] are just what I was looking for”.
Marguarita, 10.12.15.

“You are the best!  I will definitely be buying more Dincwear clothing after Christmas when I get some Christmas money!”
Amber, 9.12.15.

“Thanks for my awesome new Dincwear racer back top”.
Christina Andrea, Professional  Dancer, Twitter, 8.12.15.

“[Dincwear] had a stand at one of the Dance Shows and I ordered some items then and have ordered again since.  Good quality, reasonable prices and very happy with items we have had before”.
Jan, 29.11.15.

“Thank you for sending my order so quickly.  It arrived within a couple of days and I love the Harem pants!”
Nicola, 20.11.15.

“Thank you for processing so quickly, my daughter Coral is an LCPA student!”
Kerry, 16.11.15.

“I am in my second year at LCPA and that”s how I heard about Dincwear and knew I had to make an order!”
Hannah, 15.11.15.

“Amazing leggings!”
Freckles Ogbu, Professional Dancer, Twitter, 15.11.15.

“I love it!”
Karen Clifton, “Strictly  Come  Dancing”  Professional Dancer, Twitter, 12.11.15.

“Can”t wait to try out my new bottoms in class.”
Chelsea, 10.11.15.

“I am a dancer/fitness instructor and follow the “Strictly” Pros and saw them on Karen Hauer!”
Claudia, 6.11.15

“A big thank you for all your help and looking forward to trying on the new lines soon!”
Denise, 26.10.15

“I”ve known  about [Dincwear] for some time, not sure I am young enough to wear the clothing but thought I”d have a look!”
Jodie, 13.10.15.

“I”ve bought the [harems with hidden shorts] for my daughter for Christmas.  It”s actually her third pair and she literally wears them out!”
Nicky, 10.10.15.

“My friend posted about you on “Instagram”.  I”ll post a picture of my purchase too.”
Lydia, 9.10.15.

“My order came next day and I love them.  Wore them all day today, so comfortable, they feel amazing.  Love them.  Thanks!”
Claire, 7.10.15.


“Thanks Dincwear for the leggings! I love them!”
Brittany Cherry ( the beautiful dancer in Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” video, Twitter, 9.10.15


“Love my Dincwear leggings and top…two of my favourite pieces”
Nicolette Whitley, Professional Dancer, Instagram, 7.10.15

“I can actually say they are the best leggings I have ever had…what”s amazing about these leggings is that you can smart it up or wear them in dance class, the gym or a night out…
Crazy love these”.   
Freckles Ogbu, Professional Dancer, Facebook, 7.10.15.

“My order came next day and I love them {the grey harems with hidden shorts}.  Wore them all day today, so comfortable, they feel amazing.  Love them.  Thanks!”
Claire, 7.10.15.

“I saw Natalie Lowe wear your Harem Pants on Strictly, thought she looked awesome”
Claire, 2.10.15.

“LOVE my new leggings!  Incredible quality, amazing customer service.”  Hope, Twitter, 2.10.15.

“Love my new Dincwear leggings and crop top!  So so comfy”.  
Frances Leak, Professional Dancer, Twitter, 2.10.15.

“Going to order some new Harem pants from Dincwear, love their stuff”.  
Keish Attwell, Professional Dancer, Twitter, 1.10.15.

“Love practicing in Dincwear”.
Natalie Lowe, Star of “Strictly Come Dancing”, Twitter, 27.09.15.

“These leggings are seriously amazing.  I love the high waist and comfy material.”  
Adrienne Canterna, Professional Dancer, Twitter, 29.07.15.

“I went to dancing after receiving my parcel yesterday and I love both of my items.  I can honestly say they are so comfy and after wearing the leggings yesterday, I will not wear any others again.  They”re amazing!”
Paris, 25.9.15

“I wanted to buy something for my daughter who has London auditions coming up and was impressed by your range”.
Anne, 24.9.15.

“I feel a million dollars in them {our new black leggings}.”  
Natasha, 23.9.15

“My favourite pants ever”.
Karen Clifton, Star of “Strictly Come Dancing”, Twitter, 21.09.15.

“Thanks again for the super customer service”.  
Sue, 21.9.15.

“The shorts arrived yesterday {super speedy service}!, and I love them, thank you!  Wish I had a matching top now!”
Beth, 19.09.15

“Thank you Dincwear for my amazing new black leggings”.  
Jordan Cather, Professional Dancer, Twitter, 16.09.15.

“{the new Dincwear black leggings} are wonderful, the fabric is fantastic so really worth the time developing.  I love that they are high waisted too.  Super smooth, great thickness, not see through and so easy to move.  Wearing them to warm up now!”  
Rachel, Professional Dancer, 12.9.15

“Loving my harem pants and hoody from Dincwear…the best quality”.  
Natalie Lowe, Star of “Strictly Come Dancing”, Twitter, 31.08.15.

“I”m in a street dance crew in Southampton.  We had the formidable JP Omari down to teach us and he was rocking a pair {of your harem pants}.”  
Jasmin, 27.08.15.

“{the hoody with oversized hood} looks great!”
Izzy, 25.08.15

“JP Omari is flying your flag!  I think I”ll be living in them from now {our harem pants} and my wife is placing an order soon.”  
Tom, 17.8.15.

“Thanks for the harem pants, they are super comfy!  I love them.”  
Gem, 10.8.15

“I have come home to them today {the harems with hidden shorts} and I LOVE them.  Thank you so much”.   
Niki, 4.08.15.

“Thank you very much for sending my order out so quickly.”
Cerys, 3.8.15.

“A girl on our flight home from London had {our Harems with hidden shorts} on and I thought they were awesome!”  
Wendy, 30.7.15

“Thank you so much…a friend of mine wears your stuff”.  
Jasmin, 29/07/15


“I am very pleased with [the hoodie] and like the quality which makes me feel that it will last a while and it’s money well spent.  Although I don’t dance it was exactly the type of hoodie I wanted, but if I meet dancers I’ll be sure to send them your way!”
Asiko, 21/07/15

“In two weeks I am going to a pole camp with lots of girls there.  I will tell them about you and Dincwear”.
Sara, 14/7/15

“I just started belly dancing with Kerry  aka Darkstar Dance.  She wears a pair, and I asked her where she got hers from.”
Vanessa, 13/7/15

“I do admire your clothing range.”
Amy F, 9/7/15

“I haven’t been able to find any decent harem pants in ages and I needed some rehearsal gear for when I started [big west end show].”
Amy W, 6/7/15

“The harems are for my girlfriend, who requested them specifically.  She is in a dance group based in Oxford and a number of the girls involved recommended them.”
Tom, 1/7/15

“I heard about Dincwear from a few personalities I follow on Instagram…they uploaded pictures of themselves wearing your sleeveless hoodies and I instantly wanted one!  I received my order extremely quickly and am so far really pleased with my order, so thanks again for a speedy delivery and quality product, save me a grey one in the future and I’ll buy that one too!”
Jack, 29/06/15

“I received them [harems with hidden shorts], they are lovely and I am loving them!  Thank you so much!”
Katie, 25/6/15

“Just received my [harem] pants!  First of all loved the quick delivery!  Secondly I am so in love with the both of them.  My favourite is the pair with the shorts built in!  Thank you so much!  I will be ordering soon again!!!!”
Sharon, 24/6/15

“Have just walked in and tried on both pairs [harems with hidden shorts] and they are fab:  Thank you ever so.”
Lindsay, 13/6/15

“Was looking for unique harem pants and you guys had exactly what I was looking for.”
Donna, 12/6/15

“The [harems] are both so well fitted and comfy! … I am a dance student in Cambridge….can’t wait to order more![if my mum let’s me].  There will definitely be lots more buys from me!  Great stuff!”
Laura, 9/6/15

“I am a pole dancer so saw your harems on Bendy Kate’s Instagram.”
Dawn, 6/6/15

“I was thrilled to hear the other night that the crew which my son is part of are getting to wear your harem pants.”
Sophie, 6/6/15

“[My wife] loves her Dincwear.  We went into town the other day with her rocking hers and me rocking my grey ones.  Honestly the best clothing ever!”
JP, 4/6/15

“I do love the new harems [with hidden shorts].  Thank you.  I have just ordered some for my son too.”
Jules, 30/5/15


“Just received the dance pants and they are amazing.  Just beautifully cut and tailored.  Definitely the best clothing we have come across.”
Sue, 28/5/15

“My 11 year old son got given a pair of your harem shorts…..He is incredibly thrilled with them, thinks he is the coolest boy on earth”.
Sophie, 27/5/15

“Your great customer service shouldn’t go unnoticed.”
Abigail, 23/5/15

“I love them so much I may buy another pair”.
Abby, 23/5/15

“Best things I’ve bought!  Couldn’t have asked for a better fitting.”
Joe, 23/5/15

“I am a big fan of Christian Guzman”
Jakob, 21/5/15

“I love the hoodies, they are incredibly comfortable…..really appreciate the great customer service I received.”
Gerald, 13/5/15

“The shorts arrived today and are fantastic”.
Sue, 13/5/15

“This is so nice!  Thank you so much!”
Sara, 12/5/15

“I really like it.  The material feels nice on your skin and the fitting seems to be just right.”
Henrik, 7/5/15

“Thank you so much for superfast delivery!”
Kirsty, 6/5/15

“You have some lovely products”
Vicky, 5/5/15

“I shall wear with pride and hope I get asked where I purchased from.  I shall definitely share the love of you!”
Sue, 28/4/15

“I do love it.  Thank you and will buy from you again.”
Melanie, 23/4/15

“I saw a picture of Bendy Kate on Instagram and she tagged you there”.
Sara, 22/4/15

“Saw the sleeveless hoodie from Christian Guzman on ‘YouTube’ and I thought I had to get that hoodie.”
Ben, 21/4/15

“Loving the leotard.  I’m going to order a purple one too!”
Tracey, 19/4/15

“Amazing dancewear”
Rebecca, 16/4/15


“Everything looks great … and thank you for the great service”.
Natasha  8.4.15

“I fell in love with the hooded body suit”
Julie 4.4.15

“I am currently in Goa doing a Yoga Teacher Training and the original all-in-one I bought has been much admired as a Yoga Teacher outfit – and doubles as a swim suit.  So I thought I’d better order another one!  Great designs”
Susanne  1.4.15

“I am a Body Control Pilates teacher and heard about you through them.  Top and Hoodie both fit great – will be sure to recommend you!”
Carol 30.3.15

“Thank you so much for the top, I love it!”
Nathan  26.3.15

“I just wanted to let you know that I received the clothes today.  They fit perfectly and are AWESOME, I am so pleased”
Faith  23.3.15

“I went to ‘Move It’ this year and bought a top from Dincwear.  I use it all the time!”
Tessa  23.3.15

“I bought some items at ‘Move It’ this year and last” ….Love the clothes, both me and my daughter”
Tracy  23.3.15

“I got some at ‘Move It’ and wanted more!”
Paul  20.03.15

“Your order process was so speedy!”
Jackie  19.3.15

“Harem trousers arrived  and are being worn at the moment.  Absolutely perfect, will definitely recommend you to friends.  Thank you for such great service”.
Katy  17.3.15

“I found your website through Amazon.  I went through your direct website however as the postage was free and on Amazon there was a charge.  Thank you for the swift dispatch”.
Beth 12.3.15

“They arrived this morning.  Thank you so much for the quick turnaround.  I’ve always loved your harems and they last ages.  Such good quality.”
Kelly 11.03.15

“Absolutely loved the baggy trousers….love the style of clothing you sell”
Charlotte  3.3.15

“Good customer service should not go unnoticed.  It’s so rare these days!”
Abby 2.3.15

“Will definitely be shopping with you again and recommending you.  The clothes fit perfectly!”
Abigail 1.3.15

“We received the order!  Everything looks fantastic.  Again, thank you so much for everything”
Jamie 26.02.15


“Love my new audition outfits”.
Maddy – 23/02/15
” I bought the reversible poncho at Move It last week and loved it so I bought a couple more tops”.
Kirstie – 21/02/15
” I am so pleased with the jumpsuit that we would like to order one for each girl on our competition team”.
Jamie – 11/02/15
“My dance teacher at college recommended the website”.
Cedi – 11/02/15
“It looked great”.
Rhiannon – 11/02/15
“Clothes are awesome, will order more soon…”.
Maria – 2/02/15
“I think the clothes are amazing!”.
Karin – 1/02/15


‘I heard about Dincwear from the company I dance with.’
Skye – 28/1/15
‘Heard about you through Bendy Kate the pole dancer. She posted a picture of her with some of your clothes on.’
Karin – 26/1/15
‘Good manners and good products’.
Gloria 25/1/15

‘FYI your products really are great quality and have lasted particularly well.’
Nicola – 22/01/15


‘I just wanted to say thank you for all your help and I can finally say my hunt for the perfect hoodie is over!  I have been looking for years for this style with the big hood and now I can just enjoy wearing it.’

JB – 3.1.2015


‘Received the top – I love it!!!’ 

Emily – 29.12.14


‘They arrived.  And I LOVE them!!  It’s not often I get service like that!’

Julie – 1.12.14


‘I heard about [you] through my manager who is also my dance teacher.  She wears your harem pants and I have been obsessed with them and she told me they were amazing quality’

Chelsie – 4.11.14


‘Can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve had and I can’t take the bloody things off’

Jules – 21.10.14


‘Received the trousers….love them!!!  Never had customer service like yours ever in my life’

JT – 18.10.14


‘I just heard about your clothing from a friend at college – I know quite a few people who own some of the trousers on your site’

Katrina – 15.10.14


‘A few months ago I bought a pair of Dincwear unisex harem pants and I like them so much I wanted to have a different pair’

Angie – 3.10.14


‘I was training at Bird [College] and some of the students wore and recommended them’

Danielle – 2.9.14


‘My daughter went to LCPA – she had the other style trousers you do but my younger daughter is starting there next week and asked for the different style trousers’

Debbie – 3.9.14


‘I run a belly dance school and one of my students told me about you.  Now I have purchased lots of different things from you – and quite a few of my students have also purchased and now wear your pants to my classes.  They are perfect for belly dancers!!’

TB – 28.7.14


‘I found your shop when I was in Covent Garden some time ago.  I bought the black harem pants then.  Love them so much so had to get the grey pair as well!!’

JP – 18.6.14


‘Clothing  looks great’

Claire – 21.6.14


‘I first heard of Dincwear through Move It.  I saw the designs and just fell in love’

Liberty  – 5.6.14


‘They are brilliant, thanks!’

Lizzie – 4.6.14


‘I’ve been in Amsterdam and I saw your products.  And I love it’

Shaharb – 2.6.14


‘I heard about you from word of mouth as I go to a dance class and a few of the girls have some of your products’

Liz – 28.5.14


‘I’m a dancer and a friend of mine was wearing them in a dance shoot and I really liked them!’

Helen – 12.05.14


‘I am so happy with it!  It fits perfectly, the quality is amazing.  At the dance class I go to someone got a pair recently and a week later everybody else is buying them, including the teacher!’

Gabs – 12.5.14


‘Absolutely love it.  I wasn’t expecting the quality to be so good!  I’m extremely pleased!  Thank you!’

Hannah – 14.5.14


‘These pants look awesome!!  I think I’ll order the grey next week!’

HFH – 12.5.14


‘They are great (and so flattering!)’

Deb – 28.04.14


‘I own the full black and grey harem pants and they are so good for when I take class and when I am relaxing at home!’

Aaron – 7.5.14


‘First class service….I brought many things from your shop in Covent Garden, about a year ago!  Including two pairs of the harem pants.  I love your things.’

Vanya – 6.5.14


‘The harems are brilliant, thank you, so so pleased.  Thank you for your excellent service.’

Karen – 28.4.14


‘[my daughter] wore an outfit made up from your designs for a show at Christmas and looked stunning!’

Debbie – 22.4.14


‘You’re an absolute star….Thanks a lot for all your help.’

Karim – 8.4.14



‘Fantastic!  Thank you for being so prompt with my order’

Brenny – 18.3.14


‘Your dancewear looks great’

Corey – 17.3.14


‘I got a pair a couple of years ago at the “Clothes Show Live” and this pair are for my mum’

Zac – 12.3.14


‘My dance teacher has a pair of the harems and told me where she got them from.  Thanks very much’

Tanya – 10.3.14


‘Thanks – fab product’

Sue – 5.3.14


‘I have almost lived in your harem pants for the last year…!’

Charlotte – 3.3.14


‘Everything arrived yesterday and my daughter looks amazing in it.  She will be wearing it this Sunday at a Free Style Dance Competition’

Helena – 28.2.14


‘I initially bought the harem pants with hidden shorts.  I love it.  My latest purchase was the oversized hood jacket.  You have a fantastic product; with a much better quality and style than anything else we can find in dancewear shops’

Jo – 26.02.14


‘Many thanks…second order arrived safely this morning.  Thank you for the speedy service and thoughtfulness’

Lokadhi – 26.2.14






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